Grooming and Lodging Prices

We take great pride in ensuring that Santa Cruz County Guests are not only happy and comfortable in their environment but also that it is a healthy environment! Prior to your appointment all clients must provide proof of vaccinations from their Veterinarian including Bordetella (kennel cough) and all clients must have had a veterinary exam within the last twelve months. The goal at The Velvet Coat is to not crate your dog at any time during his or her visit. He or she is allowed in the playroom with the other dogs and they have access to a 4000 square foot landscaped yard and 4500 square feet of oceanview deck. They are also welcome in the grooming area where he or she can lie on a fluffy bed, listen to music or watch dog shows! If necessary we have play pens to keep everyone safe and happy. If your dog is not the “social” type we have a quiet room just for them. we are sensitive to your pets emotional state and will offer them relaxing alternatives should they become stressed at any time during their visit with us. We offer the finest standard of care for your pet and believe a visit to The Velvet Coat should be an enjoyable and physically rewarding experience.

Bathing Service For Your Pet

  • Petite
  • Small
  • Medium
  • XL
  • XXL

De-Matting Services

  • De Matting
    Per Half Hour

Lodging and Day Care

  • Day Care
    Per Day

  • Lodging
    Cats – per day
  • Lodging
    $65 ***
    Dogs – per day
  • Extended Stays
    (831) 818-8376
    Call Now

*Prices can vary depending on condition and length of coat. PLEASE CALL FOR BREED SPECIFIC HAIRCUT PRICES

**Private in home boarding is also available for extended stays while you are out of town.

***Some restrictions apply call today for more details (831) 818-8376

We love cats and offer a variety of services including shave down and the “bikini” trim (tummy, chest, inside of hind legs) Call for pricing! We service all of Santa Cruz County.

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