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The Velvet Coat was generated out of my experience as a Veterinary Technician. I still loved dogs and all animals passionately but needed a change from the medical side. I enrolled in Dog Grooming School and I was immediately shocked and mortified that the dogs that came to the school to be groomed were so unhappy to be there. They were left in their cages for long periods of time, ignored or forgotten about and then rushed to have the grooming done. The groomers were not trained in animal anatomy and had little or no dog handling skills. I immediately had a leg up on every one as I knew how to calm a stressed animal and knew ways to hold them to accomplish what ever procedure was required in the most comfortable way possible. I thought going to the Groomers was supposed to be fun, not like having a root canal. From that day forward I knew that The Velvet Coat could be a place your pet would look forward to coming to not another stress for the animal and you. Come in today and find out how fun and relaxing a day at our wonderful facilities can be.

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